How to become a managing director? Andreas Bee reveals it to us in an interview.

Andreas Bee is the managing director of BIBUS AG. He appreciates the cooperation with motivated employees. What annoys him, on the other hand, are aimless discussions, nagging without counterproposal and poorly prepared meetings.

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How to become a managing director?

There are different ways. Luck is a big factor: if you're lucky, you didn't fall on your head too often as a child, if you're lucky, you meet people who believe in you, and if you're lucky, you realize what it means and develop joy in the task.

What character traits characterize a good business leader?

Empathy, humor, assertiveness, goal orientation, courage and enthusiasm.

How many hours per week does a general manager work?

I do not measure my work performance in hours, but by the successful implementation of the topics I have set out to addre

How does a manager motivate himself for tasks he is not comfortable with?

Having the higher goal in mind helps. I make myself aware of which building block the respective task is for achieving the company's goals.

What's the coolest and what's the most annoying thing about your job?

Working with motivated employees and the creative freedom inspire me. I'm annoyed by discussions that don't achieve their goals, complaining without counterproposals, and poorly prepared meetings.

How does a CEO control himself?

With Microsoft OneNote, Post-Its & self-reflection.

How many names of employees do you know (e.g. in %)?


What question should an employee ask you in the elevator?

When are we going to have lunch together?

What motivates employees the most?

Appreciation, respect and a sense of purpose in what we do.

What is your most important question during a job interview?

Are you ready to go the extra mile?

What is important to you in a resume?

There does not necessarily have to be constancy, but there must be comprehensible reasons for the decisions made in life that are linked to a goal.

CEOs often say that family is the most important thing; can that be true?

There is time for everything - the important thing is to take it consciously.

How/where do you recover?

On the climbing wall and during activities with family and friends.

You get a gift of 4 weeks off; what do you do?

Two weeks family, one week bouldering, one week mountain biking.

Teams/Zoom or Phone?

Both are important - but I really appreciate the ability to make calls via teams with a camera.

Suit or hoodie?

I make it a point to wear the right clothes according to the occasion and the environment.

Women's quota: yes or no

Gender should not be a criterion for making a decision. I would like to see more women in the company, especially in the sales force. However, I don't think filling positions on the basis of gender and thus giving preference to people who may be less suitable is the right way to go.

Secretary or self-organized?

One does not exclude the other.

Are you on a first name basis or a first name basis?

In the company first names, in the rest of business life there are good reasons for the form of address - it depends on the situation.

Beer or wine

I have a certain tendency to beer and white wine in summer and red wine in winter.

Tea or coffee


Banana or pineapple?


Water: carbonated or still?


Meat or vegetables?

Meat with vegetables

Museum or stadium


Cinema or theater


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