What does Marcel Ambord think is the coolest thing about his job? Find out this and more in the interview.

Marcel Ambord is the managing director of SAUTER EDELSTAHL. He likes to spend his free time on the golf course. He thinks it's cool that as a managing director you can take on responsibility and make a difference. He doesn't like routine work.

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The company is one of the leading service providers for aluminum and stainless steel in the form of sheets, tubes, bars, profiles, fittings, as well as food fittings.

How to become a business manager?

In the right place at the right time with an appropriate track record, commitment and spirit.

How do you explain to a child what a business manager does?

He manages and is responsible for the company - and he has to take the fall when things don't go well.

What character traits characterize a good business leader?

He/she acts as a role model, has a high level of commitment, an authentic demeanor, social skills and expertise.

How many hours per week does a business manager work?

If you delegate and transfer responsibility according to level, then the usual daily workload is sufficient.

How does a business manager motivate himself for tasks he is not comfortable with?

If you take it with humor and confidence - then everything goes easier.

What's the coolest and what's the most annoying thing about your job?

What's cool is that you can take on responsibility and make a difference. It can be a pain in the ass when the job becomes routine. 

How does a business manager control himself?

With self-monitoring and reflection of his performance and with feedback from his work colleagues/supervisors.

First, second, third: What does a business manager spend the most working time on?

With organization, planning and control and meetings.

What do you learn about life as a business leader?

Valuing each employee for who they are, regardless of their function or position in the company.

How much time do you spend per day on social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn)?

SMKs are all well and good, but they are not a decisive factor for my work. I prefer personal dialogue.

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